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DeHCA Project History

The main steps

The DeHCA project was started by Novaura (now Sincronis) in 2012. After a sound analysis of the breast tumor screening landscape, Novaura decided to launch a new program aimed both to develop a brand new product based upon the intuitions of Godik and Gulyaev: neoangiogenesis and optical imaging (the DeHCA Project) and to support the awareness creation effort of “breast tumor fighting” associations.


The project has reached its current state of maturity passing through the following steps:



Scouting of suitable innovative technologies


Technical and commercial in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art


Identification of the new DeHCA biomarker (Trademark) and analysis of the correlation between optical images and breast pathologies. Work carried-out in collaboration with the Pascale Hospital, Naples.


  • Novaura develops and patents an innovative device, the Applicator, aimed at immobilizing  the breast during the examination. The development is carried-out in collaboration with the Politecnico University of Milan.  
  • A Clinical Trial is set-up at Pascale Hospital in Naples to validate the new biomarker and new optical reading guidelines
  • DeHCA Project receives the H2020 Seal of Excellence from the European Commission
  • DeHCA Project receives the 1st soft-loan from Regione Lombardia to finance the development of the DeHCA Light&Sound prototype



  • The DeHCA Light & Sound prototype is realized and ready for tests and validation
  • A new Clinical Trial is set-up at S.Raffaele Hospital in Milan to validate the combined use of Optical and Ultrasounds (US) technologies during the DeHCA examination



  • Novaura leads a Consortium which is awarded a new loan from Regione Lombardia to validate DeHCA L&S in operational environment and create awareness among the young population. The Politecnico University of Milan and Veespo are Novaura’s partners in the project called Fast Breast Check (FBC).
  • FBC pursues also the objective of creating awareness among the female population and female associations



  • The design of DeHCA L&S is completed with the realization of acquisition and post-processing software. Activities carried-out with the collaboration of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Milan.   
  • As part of the Fast Breast Check project, a two-site validation test starts at the European Institute of OncoIogy (IEO) and S, Raffaele Hospital in Milan. 
  • The CE Mark request is filed


February 2019

  • The DeHCA L&S Multisite Clinical Validation Trial produces positive and useful feedbacks on product efficiency and ergonomy.
  • The CE Mark achievement path is close to completion.
  • DeHCA L&S is planned to reach the market by end 2019